AD #1242 – PSA to End GM Alliance?, Ford Idles MI Plant, CNG Mazda3 Announced

published 7 years ago by John McElroy

Peugeot is considering ending its alliance with GM. Ford is idling its Michigan Assembly Plant for two weeks due to rising inventories of the Focus and C-Max. Mazda will reveal a CNG version of the Mazda3 at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show. All that and more, plus a look at why bigger wheels can cost you a lot of money.

Although lying daily is brought to you by Bridgestone your journey our passion. And by Dow automotive systems improving durability and increasing design flexibility with beta make structural and he serves at tao beta Hello and welcome to our online daily let's get to the news leave shoe food a former peasant farmer who is now a billionaire and who also owns Geely and Volvo has come up with a novel way to market the Scandinavian brand in China. Speaking at the global automotive forum in Wuhan. He points out that Volvos have carbon filters. That clean up the air coming into the passenger compartment. He says he wants his Chinese customers to feel like they're stepping into northern Europe every time they get into their Volvo. He brags that the air inside a Volvo is 20 times cleaner than the outside air specifically ...

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