Virtual Grand Rounds in Obstetric Anesthesia - September 2013 - Roulhac D' Arby Toledano

published 6 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Vertebral Column and Epidural Space Anatomy: Myths and Reality

A good afternoon everybody I hope you can hear me if not send the message Darby Taliban though. Here in New York. To talk about the party broke out on the vertical column and the epidural space anatomy. And specifically Bergen address myths and realities. I'm disclosures I don't know if I need to say this but I have none except the ultrasound is not covered in this presentation that is a whole separate. link the presentation that's covered on even some great lectures on the soap website. I wanted to thank our doctors Quinn Hogan and Dr Elaine now for helping me with this presentation and with. The chapter that that a lot of this information came from it's the second edition of had. Textbook on regional anesthesia and acute pain management. I'm supposed to arm positions helped me with pictures assurance and have better under ...

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