ScienceCast 120: Amateur Astonomers See Comet ISON Approaching the Sun

published 8 years ago

Mature astronomers see comet ison approaching the sun. Presented by science at NASA. On thanksgiving day 2013 comet ison will have a close encounter with the sun. Astronomer carry this the head of NASA's comet ison observing campaign hopes that every telescope on earth will be trained on the comet in October and November. If the recent behavior of amateur astronomers is any indication he may get his wish. At September comes to an end comet ison is still far from earth and relatively faint. Nevertheless backyard astronomers are taking pictures of the approaching comet like Hollywood paparazzi. The comet is approaching Mars in the predawn sky explains lists. It is invisible to the naked eye but within reach of backyard telescopes. I photographed comet ison on September 15 using my 4 inch refractor says astro photographer Pete Lawrence of Selsey in the ...

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