AD #2271 – Saudi Oil Company Backs Achates Engine, AVs Produce a Lot of Data, Mazda Sees Opportunity for Rotary Engine

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Achates Claims Engine Delivers 37 MPG in F-150 - GAC’s Trumpchi Brand Not for the U.S. - AVs Produce Unprecedented Amount of Data - Mazda Still Sees Opportunities for Rotary Engine - Big Truck Sales Soar in America - PSA Outlines EV, AV and U.S. Plans

On today's show PSA outlines its plans to return to the US an electrified its entire lineup big truck sales continue to soar in the US and monsters still isn't giving up on the rotary engine on that more coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily your source for the latest news in the global automotive industry. Well here's something we didn't expect the sea at the Detroit Auto Show Aramco the Saudi Arabian oil company has a display on the floor and it's promoting the Acadia's engine mounted in a Ford F. 150 it's a 3 cylinder engine that uses to oppose pistons and each cylinder so it's actually a 3 cylinder 6 piston engine it also has a compression ratio of 18 to 1 does not have any spark plugs and runs on gasoline at Katie's claims that in the ...

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