ScienceCast 118: ISS Firestation to Explore the Tops of Thunderstorms

published 8 years ago

ISS fire station to explore the tops of thunderstorms presented by science at NASA. We all know what comes out thunder clouds bolts of lightning jagged columns of light plunge earth word heating the air 50000°F about 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. Claps of thunder announced this process somewhere on earth as often as 50 times a second. Have you ever wondered though what comes out of the top. In recent decades researchers have discovered some strange things happening in the cloud tops. High above ordinary lightning exotic light flashes known as red sprites. Blue helmets and blue jets shoot toward the heavens. Cold cousins to the ferryboats below. In some places jets of antimatter fly upwards triggering the detectors on NASA's orbiting high energy observatories. And as often as far ...

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