Linux Action News 36

published 2 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Barcelona is switching to FOSS the right way, Nextcloud launches peer-to-peer encrypted video calls, big changes are coming to Google's AMP & why the BSD camp is laughing at Linux this week. Plus Fedora's new "primary architecture", Ubuntu 17.10 is back & more!

Welcome to the next action news our weekly take on lyrics and the open source world this episode 36 recorded on 1/14/2018 I'm Chris and I'm sorry hello Joe good to be connected with you again sounds like it's going to be the spring of open source in Barcelona yes Sir we had bad snooze duster about Munich but now we've got good news got in Barcelona it looks like they are gonna first switch to use in our personal supplications and then replace windows with clinics which is exactly the right way they should be doing it and hopefully is going to be done properly this time will be a shining example to other governments around the world I do think it has a good chance of that because for my read they seem to be going about this the right way the city has plans for ...

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