What's New in the Adobe Muse CC August 2013 Update?

published 6 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White walks us through the new features and changes in the Adobe Muse CC August 2013 update.

Hello and welcome to new episode of adobe creative cloud TV my name is Terry white. And the sub sobering to take a look at 2 new features and the August 2013 update for adobe muse. So it's going to jump right in. So muse continues to get better and better and of course with this latest update we've got a coop couple new things to take a look at. I'm open to a page in my site here. And I'm going to let you know a couple things about how I built this particular or altered this particular page so first of all I have the navigation but I moved up near the top of the page. And he's banked lease on navigation points are linked to anchors. So in other words if we look at the link here. Showing that is linked to an anchor called river launching of course we could see the anchor icon to let us know that's what's happened. Same thing with Bianca clones if we click on that one ...

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