ScienceCast 116: Comet ISON to Fly By Mars

published 6 years ago

I soon to fly by Mars presented by science at NASA. Around the world astronomers are buzzing with anticipation over the approach of comet I signed. On thanksgiving day 2013 the icy visitor from the outer solar system will skim the sun's outer atmosphere and if it survives could emerge as a bright comet for sky watchers in earth's northern hemisphere. First though it has to fly by Mars. Come in I son is paying a visit to the red planet. Says astronomer carried this of the Johns Hopkins University applied physics lab. On October 1 become it will pass within point 07 A. you from Mars. About 6 times closer than it will ever come to earth. Mars Rovers and satellites will get a close up view. It's too early to say whether curiosity will be able to see the comet from the surface of Mars. That depends on how much comet ison Brighton speak ...

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