Patrick Chambers Talks His 100th Penn State Victory over Nebraska

published 1 week ago by Big Ten Network

Patrick Chambers talks with Jon Crispin after the overtime victory over Nebraska, with some moral support from James Franklin.

Good to see you here we we got James Franklin for moral support. A tough but it's got to stop it is down the stretch but you said you got a young team body a stick in it is it with these guys down the stretch when it just gets tough. Look swan position on its on him I talk to we can go to fighting each possession is hard you can for your teammates and I felt like they did that things went against us this the first time I really see as crack you know we fought back they had a 3 we fought back as long as we continue to do that we can end up doing things like you Tony Carr struggled in the first half but look great share the basketball what do you say to him to get him back scorn. Choose your spots your great player you got a great feel for the game at a very high IQ ticket choose your spots I thought he did a great job another shots were going to miss a couple laps but he stuck with it and have the courage and the guts to make some big shots down the stretch what you say about guys like is your boss to come in and played off the bench today but gave me the energy needed without just re use it all started ...

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