Crunch Time

published 7 years ago by SBS Television

Is the message about Australia's hardline asylum policy reaching those trying to get here? Dateline talks to asylum seekers stuck in limbo in Indonesia.

Day 2 of the election campaign in the issue of asylum seekers is already front and center who will stop the boats Kevin Rudd Tony Abbott who neither of them. Dramatic whistleblower revelations in all loss program of rape and torture on not a silent tend up the heat in this explosive debate that on Saturday Kevin rod out of now rude to his list of countries where asylum seekers will be resettled there was reported today the narrow roads dispute that part of the deal. So you are asylum seekers guessing the tough road message. Was it a better place to find out that Indonesia where hundreds of would be bait people I now weigh not their options. His David a sherry. On the south coast of Java the latest but tragedy unfolds. Barely living abroad to chel last March. Along with the dead ...

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