AD #1186 – GM Shakes Up Operations, Isuzu Gets New Diesel, Daimler Considers Brazil

published 8 years ago by John McElroy

In a surprising move, GM hires the former head of Volvo to run its new Consolidated International Operations. One major automaker is teaming back up with Isuzu to supply it with diesel engines. To avoid import tariffs, Daimler is considering building a new plant in Brazil. All that and more, plus automotive guru, Bob Lutz explains why he prefers buying used cars to new ones.

Although lying daily is brought to you by Bridgestone your journey our passion. And by Dow automotive systems improving durability and increasing design flexibility with beta make structural and he serves at tao beta Hello and welcome to a brand new week about online daily and what better way to start the week there with me Jim hall of 2953 analytics. In a moment we're gonna find out why Bob let's prefers buying used cars instead of new ones but now let's get to the day's top stories shall we. In a move to bolster its operations in China General Motors announced it will separate China from its inner. Operations you. Tim Lee who had been in charge of the international unit will now take over as the chairman of General Motors China and in a surprising move the former head of Volvo Stefan Jacoby will take over what will now be called consolidated international operations. Speaking of General Motors it's teaming back up with former equity partners ...

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