UW044 - What Makes a Good Site to Plant Oregon Pinot Noir? - Elk Cove Vineyards

published 7 years ago by Austin Beeman

Elk Cove Vineyards Owner/Winemaker Adam Campbell discusses what makes a good site to plant Pinot Noir in Oregon.  For shownotes goto www.austinbeeman.com

On today's episode we have our fourth and final video with local owner and winemaker Adam Campbell. We talked to him about what makes a great brand new vineyard for Oregon Pinot noir. Less than one percent of menu land in the Willamette Valley you know potential than your land is actually planted to grapes so I was thinking no. Potentially the best venues like Oregon has been planted yet. So when I look at the that land and and try to assess whether it's good for vineyard I really like to see hillsides of of course none of the user are implanted on the valley floor we need to be hillsides I love that ...

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