Minecraft Me #84: One Block Farming

published 6 years ago by GeekGamer.TV

Farming can be tough, especially when you want to maximize what little resources you may have! On this edition, we show you what you can do with just ONE resource block for farming!

It's time for minecraft me show that's all about my crap from beginning level experts will show you what you know to survive my friend Joseph Bobbie chase newness both coming up on this episode. Coming up this week on the show we have some great things to show you when it comes to farming what you can do with just 1 block of water also covering a minecraft news of the week we have are packed picks once again the server showcase your questions and a whole lot more this is episode 84 of my crappy recorded on Thursday 7/18/2013. Episode of minecraft main. Like. Watch thousands of TV episodes and movies on your PC. All street instantly by net ...

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