Ask an Astronomy Brain Parasite

published 6 years ago

Deep inside an astronomer's head, a parasite (voiced by Alan Tudyk) taps into his brain to learn! Specifically, about why astronauts appear weightless in space. Wil Wheaton co-stars.

Deeper than it actually is driver's head units ask Estrada mean rating Harris I. Watching task in astronomy brain Paris the show where we tap into an actual scientist brain to bring you science why one. What's today's question why one. Why or astronauts weightless in space isn't the gravity up there. Now this is a tricky one easy astronauts aren't actually weightless up there they only appear weakness and there's a very interesting reason why that might surprise you let's break it down. First of all there's definitely. A lot. That it holds the moon. Your bid. And please. Movies ...

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