ScienceCast 111: The Zero Gravity Coffee Cup

published 8 years ago

0 gravity coffee Cup. Presented by science administer. High above our planet in the realm of satellites in space stations. The familiar rules of earth do not apply. The midday sky is as black as night. There is no up. And no down. Dropped objects don't fall and how they're doesn't rise. Of all the strange things that happen up there however. It is possible that the strangest happens to coffee. In microgravity a simple morning cuppa Joe can be an out of this world experience. Physics professor mark Weiss local of Portland State University has given a lot of thought to coffee and other fluids in space. And he describes what happens. For starters he says. It would be a chore just getting the coffee into the Cup. Absent the pull of gravity pouring liquids can be very tricky. But for the sake ...

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