TWiYT 12: Three Guys, Same Shirt

published 6 years ago

How gamers are winning with YouTube, Kevin Gisi talks about his channel and working at Mashable, the week's viral videos, and more. Hosts: Chad (OMGchad) Johnson and Lamarr Wilson Guest: Kevin Gisi Download or subscribe to this show at We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes. Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show.

People you trust. With for this week in YouTube is provided by cash fly at C. a C. H. E. F. L. This is this week in you too episode 12 recorded 7/1/2013. 3 guys same church. Hello and welcome to this week in the U. too but I'm Chad Johnson as always our host our CV your lumbar Wilson is here headgear savior has his areas over ...

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