Anesthesia & Analgesia June 2013 - A Video Summary

published 7 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Resident's Guide to the June 2013 issue of Anesthesia & Analgesia

This is ed never got editor in chief of open with the residents guide to the June 2013 issue of anesthesia and analgesia. As anesthesiologists we find ourselves in during the unfortunate and unpredictable state of drug shortages as well as the restrictions imposed by the fractured economy of medicine. These current struggles have left us with a seemingly limited power. We can take the cynical and utterly myopic view that individualized therapy an anesthetic practice is but a ruse. That we have only choose between general and regional anesthesia. Intravenous versus inhalational induction. And pain control by way of opioids or non steroidal anti inflammatory. It is our responsibility though to remain engaged ...

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