ScienceCast 109: The "Sleeping Giant" in Arctic Permafrost

published 6 years ago

Sleeping giant in arctic permafrost presented by science at NASA. Flying low and slow above the pristine terrain of Alaska's north slope research scientist Charles Miller of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory surveys the white expanse of tundra and permafrost below. On the horizon long dark line appears. His plane draws nearer and the mysterious object reveals itself to be a massive herd of migrating caribou stretching for miles. It's a site Miller won't soon forget. Seeing those caribou marching single file across the tundra puts what we're doing here in the arctic into perspective says Miller who was on a 5 year mission named car to study how climate changes affecting the arctic's carbon cycle. Carb is short for the carbon in arctic reservoirs of vulnerability experiment. Now it's ...

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