Virtual Grand Rounds in Obstetric Anesthesia - May 2013 - Rebecca Minehart

published 7 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Maternal Cardiac Arrest and Intralipid Rescue

He will thank you all for joining me at the rope 5 privet privilege and honor to get to talk to you all and and I I have what I think is is a really important topic today maternal cardiac arrest and interpret rescue them and be covering. And we know from educational research and theory that the more engaged you are in a lecture the more you retain from it so what we're gonna be doing is working to be doing this I mean you know you've got the fire so you think that the whole everything that we're going to try to use today is so that you can text. You're our responses to mean we can sort of all learn from each other additionally if you have any questions that come up during the lecture please feel free to just jump then ask emerges I meet yourself just as they said arm or type alongside their either way is fine with me. I welcome any sort of discussion style. For starters I have no financial disclosures I will be showing the number of available devices at my talk but ...

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