The NSA PRISM | Unfilter 54

published 7 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

A series of leaks have blown the lid of the NSA’s massive surveillance dragnet of the Internet forcing the Federal Government to come clean to the world. We’ll dig into the new revelations, how this could be technically be done, and then we’ll expose the lapdog media’s attempt manipulate the narrative. Plus an update on the situation in Turkey, your feedback, and much much more!

This is a filter episode 54 for 6/12/2013 from ABC news this week with George Stephanopoulos reporting from ABC news headquarters George Stephanopoulos. Hello again the secret struggle to balance national security and individual liberty broke out into the open this week after a series of blockbuster revelations starting in the guardian newspaper we learn that the government has the capacity track virtually every American phone call and a scoop up impossibly vast quantities of data across the internet ...

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