Adobe Kuler for iPhone

published 6 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV your host Terry White gives us a walk through of the new Kulier App for iPhone. Mix colors, capture colors around you with your iPhone camera, sync to the Kuler website, and automatically into Adobe Illustrator CC.

Hello and welcome to the first look at the brand new adobe cooler app for iPhone an iOS. My name is Terry white worldwide designed evangelist for adobe is my pleasure to walk you through not only the new cooler out but what's going on in cooler in the cloud and even the cooler website. So let's start off with the website itself arm took many of you that have used cooler in the past know that this website's been around for a long time. And allows you to go in and create custom color swatches. Are freely and share them amongst the community. It or grab inspiration from the ones that are out there on the community. And you can do all kinds of color rules for example I can find a complementary colors. Are based on the ones I pick here and this is been great but what if you need to capture colors overwhelms you what if you don't have time to go in and manually spectrum out ...

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