ScienceCast 106: Big Asteroid Flyby

published 8 years ago

Big asteroid flyby presented by science at NASA. Here we go again. Another asteroid is paying a visit to the earth moon system. Astros have been a hot topic since 2/15/2013. When 1 small asteroid exploded over Russia and another bigger 12012 D. a 14 made a record setting close approach to earth on the same day. This time the visitor is 1998 Q. E. to. A potentially hazardous asteroid 2.7 kilometers in diameter. Astronomers are preparing to study the space rock as it harmlessly passes by on may 31. This is a big asteroid that's going to be one of the best radar imaging targets of the year says lance Benner of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. As my old friend radar astronomer Steve Ostrow used to say. Spaceship earth is making a flyby of the asteroid ...

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