AD #2260 – Ford Cancels Fusion Redesign, Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept, New Start-Up Byton To Debut at CES

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Ford Cancels Fusion Redesign - Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept - CO2 Rises in UK With Drop in Diesel Sales - Production Cuts in North America - Velodyne Slashes LIDAR Cost in Half - New Start-Up Byton To Debut at CES

On today's show for cancels plans to redesign the fusion Valentine says it slash the price of light are in half and check out the latest autonomous Evey that debuts at sea yes all that and more coming right up online dealer. This is not a line daily the only show that covers all aspects of the global automotive industry. Is the SUV craze going to claim another victim maybe the Detroit news reports that Ford has canceled the redesign for the 2020 fusion and is re evaluating its future could have to do with sales which were down 22 percent through November of 2017 the Ford Taurus sedan could also be discontinued by the end of this year outside in North America for because the fusion the Mondale and it will ...

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