VV 32 – Vocabulary: International Trade

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In this Video Vocab lesson, we’ll learn business English vocabulary for describing the supply chain, beginning with suppliers, who sell materials or parts to the manufacturers that assemble products. The products then go to distributors, who transport them to retailers, where they are then sold to consumers or end users. Download Video: VV 32 – […] The post VV 32 – Vocabulary: International Trade appeared first on Business English Vocabulary :: Video Vocab.

Watching video vote count by dismissing respawn.com. In this lesson we'll look at the process of international trade. The journey starts with finished merchandise being inspected. And given a certificate of manufacture. The seller will didn't issue a pro forma invoice. While the buyer may obtain a letter of credit to finance the payment. Next the seller will draw up a bill of lading and arrange shipment under internationally agreed terms such as CFR C. I. F.. And FOB. On arrival merchandise is often stored in a bonded warehouse until import tax or duty is paid. A customs ...

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