Photoshop CC - My Top 5 Favorite Features

published 6 years ago

Have a 1st look at the NEW Adobe Photoshop CC and My Top 5 Favorite Features #creativecloud

Hello and welcome to the brand new adobe Photoshop CC. My name is Terry white worldwide designed evangelist for Adobe Systems and it's my pleasure to walk you through my top 5 favorite features and what's new in Photoshop CC. Now although I'm gonna concentrate on my top 5 favorite features that doesn't mean I won't throw in an extra feature a bonus feature here and there that is a favorite but didn't make the top 5 I'm actually gonna start with one of those. Because it's important to know that a lot of times when people upgrade from one version of Photoshop to another the first concern I have is what about almost sentence my presets my actions my brushes all weapons and customizing all throughout Photoshop since I've been using it. Well I have that concern too and not only do I have that concern I also have multiple computers. So with Photoshop CC there's a brand new feature call since setting ...

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