"Who Is Baelfire" a character profile

published 8 years ago by Disney-ABC Television Group Digital Broadcast Communications and Production

Creators and Executive Producers, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis discuss the character of “Baelfire” and his troubled past.

Savoy. How old is he. What's your name. I'm just tired of 13. If the losses. Fight what was interesting about they'll fires young boys he might have been a little more like is. He was ready to go to the ogres. Why is. A little more brave than. Father but he had a good heart. He loved his dad. Realize that the mission he needed to. Save his father. And that's what made him seek out the blue fairy that's what made him want to go to a land without magic because the only way to get rid of the dark one. And he wanted to be. We'll see what has your father is specific to Iran. Powers do not belong here. You must go where you can skate this wretched curse. Go we have to leave. It is the only way. Can you do it ...

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