Episode 9 - Design for Manageability

published 7 years ago by Microsoft

The limit of scale and availability is the limit of insight.This session, delivered by Mark Simms, explores options and implementation approaches for instrumenting and monitoring applications on Azure. The session also covers configuration and change management practices for delivering a manageable application.

Fail safe guidance for resilient cloud architectures. Developed by Microsoft services. And the as your customer advisory team. Right designed for manageability this is the last piece in the triangle if you don't know your system is doing it is neither scalable nor available for maybe it is you just don't now. And. Give me insight into running system at scale omitting services. Requires a new 7 muscles in a new set of approaches. And what kind of dive into both kind of some of the things you need to think about how you build a mental model high for the fiscal model what you measure what you. I analyze and we react to as well as the implementation of. Both for rolling around as well as for incorporating third party services. That our great national parks. It's really the limit of scale limited availability is the limit of insight. You want to know what your SLA is what your response ...

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