Episode 6 - Design for Data

published 7 years ago by Microsoft

This session, delivered by Mark Simms, will provide an understanding of the various options for data management in Azure and help you map system capabilities against solution requirements.The session will cover the wide range of options for managing data, compositional approaches, and how to balance competing priorities.

Fail safe guidance for resilient cloud architectures. Developed by Microsoft services. And the as your customer advisory team. NCLEX let's talk about the various forms of data management stores you have available to you one Asher. Some of them are Microsoft products some of them are not. So the key thing is what it said capabilities we have available how those mapped different customer scenarios and one of the trade offs that you're making what's the right combination for. So couple he thinks. There are a wide range options. We got relational stores document stores craft stores big data which is actually. A misnomer because it applies to any number of approaches will be a little bit more discreet that. Posts on the highway. For better for worse the pollen the approaches a polyglot will compositionally you're going to need to use multiple states the worst to deliver the solutions to our customers needs and there is no ...

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