Episode 5 - Platform and Connectivity Patterns

published 7 years ago by Microsoft

This session, delivered by Mark Simms, will provide an understanding of Azure platform capabilities and scalability targets. It also explores key intra-service communication patterns, discussing choices and tradeoffs.The session will cover core Azure platform capabilities, scale units, and approaches to achieving the best utilization/density. Intra and Inter Service Communication Patterns are also be covered.

Fail safe guidance for resilient cloud architectures. Developed by Microsoft services. And the as your customer advisory team. Or at. Go ahead and get started with a little discussion on it and I share a platform and capabilities. So couple things when I talk about the next hour or so. What us when I first started putting this stuff together and kind of its first generation a year ago I realize we talk a lot about Asher is a collection of parts. But it's not if you're not you need to think of it as a platform that you can compose together in order to build things look at each piece individually you only see one piece the elephant and that tends not to be the best that approach for understanding how to get the most out of the the pieces you work with. So we're gonna we're gonna walk through all of the core pieces a platform compute networking storage talk about the scalability and availability targets for each. As well as the approaches for getting more of these individualized ...

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