Episode 3 - Scalability and Deployment

published 7 years ago by Microsoft

This session, delivered by Ulrich Homann and Marc Mercuri, includes coverage of scalability and deployment considerations for scalable and resilient systems.Topics include scale units, fault domains and upgrade domains, resilient fault handling and circuit breakers, data decomposition, data partitioning, caching, CDN, deployment redundancy, backups, latency, and hybrid considerations.

Fail safe guidance for resilient cloud architectures. Developed by Microsoft services. And the as your customer advisory team. We're going to talk about scalability and. We'll talk very openly about the challenges that scalability has. And some people I don't know who talked to us . They said all week you have scalability figure it out on the app level in the computer and that's true. And once you get the data gets somewhat delicate. and again mark would have a whole section on data partitioning and what you do what you do and so forth. . Because there is a long history. Of scalability that we have personally as a company and as the industry and there's lots of opinions about another right around. But at the end of the day it's all about how do you ...

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