Episode 2 - FailSafe Core Concepts, Part II

published 7 years ago by Microsoft

A continuation of the previous session, this session, delivered by Ulrich Homann and Marc Mercuri, continues coverage of core concepts. Topics such as functional decomposition, business architecture, throttling, failure points, and failure modes.

Fail safe guidance for resilient cloud architectures. Developed by Microsoft services. And the as your customer advisory team. I'm why do we do functional decomposition arm at the end of the day is really about. Reducing complexity suatu cells do when they become too complicated. They multiply that kind of split and become simpler sales again and so forth so the organism is already kind of in place. To do that kind of thing. I'm really we're trying to figure what the system does before we were thinking through the how and there's lots of aspects of how we do things. and then draw boundaries and identify dependencies so mark talked a lot about dependencies in the services since. There's also dependencies entrusted with free of dependencies on other workloads and you have understanding saying I have to Rowlands in my **** ...

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