How To Fix Teeth in Adobe Photoshop CS6

published 6 years ago

In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows how to remove the yellow from teeth as well as how to fix a gap.

Hello and welcome to another episode of the adobe creative suite podcast Munnings Terry white and the sub sold women take a look at something actually one of my colleagues asked me about and it was we were in a meeting shown some Photoshop tips and tricks and I he said how how do you correct yellow teeth or TV better just to yellow you wanna brighten them or like them. First of all kinds of techniques to make eyes lighter and teeth brighter but brighter doesn't necessarily remove the yellowing. So that's what we're really going to focus in on this particular up so. So let's all go and jump in got a stock photo here and we're just gonna go ahead and zoom in on the TV area and I ...

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