Parallel Universes: Many Worlds

published 8 years ago by Neptune Studios

A look at the mind-boggling many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

This podcast is brought to you by science alert the Facebook page that connects engages and inspire science enthusiasts worldwide follow us at slash science alert or science One of the biggest secrets of physics is that we still don't fundamentally understand what happens when the smallest things interact with big things that is one quantum mechanics meets our everyday world you've probably heard of the shooting here's cat experiment where particle in this case a cat is in a superposition of 2 states both dead and alive at once until it interacts with the outside world normally a photon of light that we sent in to see what's going on but it could also just be a random particle that has nothing to do with us upon interaction with the outside world the cat is observed as being either dead or alive but not both the problem is physics can't explain how the cast or particle goes from being in a combination of 2 states that wants to being in just one or just the other nor do we know how the decision is made this isn't just a problem with cats either it plagues every single quantum ...

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