Travis Hayden

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This was filmed at the 2012 Fall Conference in Las Vegas Nevada

Work later Cass studios I'm Janelle and I'm here with Travis Hayden high. Travis is the publications and communications committee chair and the editor in chief of the GDP why welcome track. 6 general could be back. Chavis once you tell us a little bit about the 5 year anniversary of the GDP for. Around 2007 fall 2007 was our first issue. launched our inaugural issue. . It's coming just a tremendously long way in terms of our content that at the time. I think that is something that we are most excited about in terms of you know 5 years in going forward lot of article submissions Natalie from working during PA's he'll peer to peer education is something we really try to promote. We've had a lot of physicians interested in publishing their work Durham residents ...

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