HD - "The Sea's Strangest Square Mile"

published 6 years ago by DiveFilm

Predator oddities portrayed by filmmakers John Boyle and Fionn Howieson in this award winning short film that took Silver at the 2013 Our World Underwater video competition co-sponsored by Wetpixel.com and DivePhotoGuide.com. More info on the filmmakers at SharkBayFilms.com.

Between the island of land day and mainland Sulawesi. Lies the seas strangest square mile. Emerging from the sea floor rice is one of the ocean's most hideous and gruesome. A giant segmented were. The public grows to 3 meters long. The world looks just below the surface into a fish posses. And then it strikes. This nocturnal horror has no license no brain. But it's got evil backtracked jewels. Another fishes on aware of the gruesome Baltics just behind ...

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