Dateline S2013 Ep8 - Juvenile Justice

published 7 years ago by SBS Television

Yemen's death row houses not just adults but children... Dateline hears their stories and meets the determined group of youngsters trying to save them.

First night a glimpse into a world rarely seen by the west dateline's thought hardy has gained access to a prison in Yemen's capital sanaa how wet child criminals are being held on death row his remarkable story photos of race to stop the executions led by determined band of children. The members of Yemen's children's parliament a unique and. Which has the power to hold the nation's. Adults to account. Floods report is narrated by Vicki Struble. Sinan central prison. Is it green Hache jail. It houses some of Yemen's toughest prisons. With a special wing reserved for the country's west child criminals. More than 70 young man of being held here. Some of facing execution ...

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