Minecraft Me #70: The First Day, Again!

published 6 years ago by GeekGamer.TV

This week a major new release of Minecraft dropped and we thought it was a great time to turn back the clock and show you how to survive your very first day in Minecraft!

It's time for minecraft me show that's all about my crap from beginning level experts will show you what you know to survive my friend. Joseph albeit chase newness both coming up on this episode coming up on this edition of minecraft mean Joe and I will take you back to the beginning show you how to survive the very first day in the new minecraft world also this is a question and answer time we. Clean out the mailbox also to service showcase and much much more debt is episode 7 day of my grab me for Thursday Peace Corps Ford 2013. Minecraft me is brought to you by persona makers of the steel live 1602 digital audio mixer. Which really it's awesome because it packs in performance great audio quality its seamless integration with software including an iPad app ...

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