A Highlands Christmas

published 1 year ago by Church of the Highlands

The biblical word for Truce is reconcile. Jesus' mission was to reconcile us; our mission is to reconcile with those in our lives. Whether they receive it or not, we can have truce with others, but how can we take the first step to be united?

By Christmas Eve 1914 the first World War had raged across Europe for nearly 5 months. The grim reality of hard lord began to set in. Both sides began carving out trenches across the eastern and western fronts. Prepared for a war that had no end in sight. The western front extended for hundreds of miles through France and Belgium protecting the heart of France from invading German what are. Life in the trenches was bleak. Soldiers on both sides were at the mercy of a better European winter supplies and morale were dwindling. There was insufficient medical care. And the enemy trenches were often only 100 feet from their own fortified positions the distance ...

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