ScienceCast 97: Collision Course? A Comet Heads for Mars

published 8 years ago

Vision course a comet heads for Mars presented by science at NASA. Over the years this space faring nations of earth has sent dozens of probes and Rovers to explore Mars. Today there are 3 active satellites circling the red planet while 2 Rovers solar powered opportunity and nuclear powered curiosity we'll across the red sands below. Mars is dry barren and apparently hauntingly lifeless. Soon those assets could find themselves exploring a very different kind of world. There is a small but non negligible chance that come at 2013 a 1 will strike Mars next year in October of 2014 says don Yeomans of NASA's near earth object program at JPL. Current solutions but the odds of impact at one in 2000. The nucleus of the comet is probably one ...

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