Virtual Grand Rounds in Obstetric Anesthesia - February 2013 - Michael Froelich

published 8 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

New Measures of Coagulation

This talk is about. It's a second talk. In the lecture series for obstetricians do your fellows. I want to first thank Libby. Ilene us was chief of obstetrical anesthesia at the medical college of it winced Wisconsin for putting this together. All rights. It's not been a simple endeavor to put this together she's worked on this for over a year and up I want to give her really. on the flaws or not congratulate her on on. Making this possible. So. My talk is about. New measures of correlation. And your current. Seen some of these new machines the tech machine of the role to machine. And that's another. Machine it's called the sonic clocked then there's the platelet function analyzer. And I will. Introduced us machines give a little background. And does give you an idea as to how we can put ...

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