ScienceCast 96: Sunset Comet

published 8 years ago

Since the comet. Presented by science of NASA. For a comet visiting the sun is risky business. Fierce solar radiation vaporizes gases long frozen in the fragile nucleus. Breaking up some comets and completely destroying others. That's why astronomers weren't sure what would happen in early March would come at Penn stars a first time visitor to the inner solar system dipped inside the orbit of mercury. On March 10 NASA stereo be spacecraft watched as the comment made its closest approach to the sun only 28000000 miles away. At that distance the sun beamed 3 times wider and felt more than 10 times harder than it does on earth. This just in. The comet survived. Still intact come at Penn stars is emerging from the sun's glare into the sunset skies of the northern hemisphere. Solar heating has caused the comet to glow like a star of second magnitude. As bright as the star ...

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