Episode 188 - Tairia Flowers Interview

published 8 years ago

  Produced by - While I was at the NFCA Convention I interviewed former Olympian Tairia Flowers. You can see more episodes of our shows at our website . is an awesome website to find the perfect fastpitch softball bat! Former Olympian Tairia Flowers' fastpitch softball career actually began when she played boys soccer at age nine. Her mother decided she needed to play with girls and from then on she fell in love with the sport of softball. She enjoys the infield especially catching! In high school she was a catcher and played some third base. Her team went on winning a state title as well as many other recognizable awards. Tairia admits that although she did love the game of softball, but she really enjoyed the young ladies she played with and all the life lessons that she learned from her coach. In college Tairia transitioned into playing first base and outfield. Her time at college was well valued and she is still very close with her former teammates. Tairia describes her fastpitch softball career in one word.. "AMAZING!" She took great pride in playing on the U.S.A. softball team and enjoyed her time and success in the Olympics. She never imagined after the Olymics that she would be coaching, but she couldn't keep away from the love of the game and helping other young athletes achieve the goals that she once had as a former player. Tairia humbly admits that she was never the best player on any of her softball teams and that it takes hard work to maintain the mental and physical skill needed to be a part of such elite softball teams. Sponsored by SoftballJunk.com Sign up for our newsletter at LINKS OF INTEREST . . This content is provided with a Creative Commons Share-Alike License. Feel free to use this content, so long as you give credit to Gary Leland, of Fastpitch.TV and link to   Gary leland is a new media producer of fastpitch softball. information. For advertising information send him an email to Gary@Fastpitch.TV, or visit his personal website site at  for more information on Gary.  

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