ScienceCast 93: What Happened Over Russia?

published 8 years ago

What exploded over Russia. Presented by science at NASA. When the sun rose over Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday February 15. Many residents of nearby Chelyabinsk already knew that a space rock was coming. Later that day an asteroid name to 2012 DA 14 would pass by earth only 17200 miles above Indonesia. There was no danger of a collision NASA assured the public. Maybe that's why when the morning sky lit up with a second son and a shock wave shattered windows in hundreds of buildings around Chelyabinsk. Only a few people picking themselves off the ground figured it out right away. This was not a crashing plane or a rocket attack. It was a meteor strike. The most powerful since the Tongass government of 19 it says bill cook of NASA's meteoroid environment office. In a one and ...

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