Article Discussion on Leadership, Innovation, and Startup Success - Startup Security Weekly #65

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Driving cultural change, the ‘Seed Stage’ is now the ‘Seed Gradient’, Prevoty raised $13M Series B, Okta reports earnings, Riskonnect acquired Aruvio, and more! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

You website an external presence employees in office any of these things can be compromised and attacked how're you defending these assets have you penetration tested these public assets store 2017 by taking a proactive approach to securing your vulnerable areas black hills information security has been helping companies find their weaknesses since 2008 email consulting at black hills and see how they can help you sleep better at night. Welcome back everyone to start up security weekly Michael when we talk about it I like how tall. Numbers wise kinda describes. Small business small medium business in mid market as a company over a hot between 100 and 2 other people. Things pretty much the sweet spot there I I would I would almost go down 50 people at having worked for a company of about 50 people when I started my career we certainly had some of those same challenges we're suffer company too so we had some the same challenges a so I would come to drop that down ...

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