ScienceCast 92: Pink Planet at Sunset

published 7 years ago

Pink planet at sunset. Presented by science at NASA. NASA has recently explored a very strange planet. Stays are twice as long as it's years. It has a tail like a comet. It's capped by deposits of ice peppering terrain that elsewhere is hot enough to melt lead. And to top it all off. It appears to be pink. The planet is mercury. Of course astronomers have known about mercury for thousands of years. But since NASA's messenger probe went into orbit around mercury in 2011. Researchers feel like they've been discovering the innermost claimed it all over again. One finding after another has confirmed the alien character of this speedy little world. Which you can see this week with your own eyes. Mercury is emerging from the glare of the sun for a beautiful 2 week apparition during the month of February 2013 ...

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