ScienceCast 89: Comet of the Century

published 8 years ago

Come out of the century presented by science Anasta. Out near the orbit of Jupiter a faint speck of light is moving through the black of space. At first glance it doesn't look like much. No brighter than 1000 distant stars speckling the velvet sky behind it. Indeed it takes a big telescope to make out that it's a comet. But what a comet it could turn out to be. Later this year coming I son could blossom into a striking naked I object visible even in broad daylight. Comment I son is a son grazer explains Carl bottoms of the naval research lab. The orbit of the comet will breed very close to the sun. Which we know can be a spectacular thing. Russian astronomers Vitali Nevsky and RTM division knock found the comet in September 2012. It bears the name of their night sky survey program. The international scientific optical network ...

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