Lower house votes in historic same-sex marriage legislation

published 2 years ago by ABC News and Current Affairs

Australia has become the 26th nation to legislate for same-sex marriage. The fight to have their relationships recognised as equal to those of heterosexual couples has been a long one for the LGBTQI community in Australia. When parliament held the final vote, emotions erupted. Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth reports.

Rating a bill connect them in the lower right into the definition of marriage and protect religious freedom and people like that. Right. What I. One of the currency. They say if the struggle is tough. This is so much sweeter. It's been a long time since parliament is seen such an outpouring of joy and relief. Written all over the face of the man whose name now synonymous. With this legislation I'm proud to be a parliamentarian I've always wanted to be a problem in that area yeah even when I was that need the key that school yeah like the Senate conservative ...

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