Malcolm Turnbull on the legalisation of same-sex marriage

published 6 days ago by ABC News and Current Affairs

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joins 7.30 to discuss the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

And promised malcontent who joins me now from powerhouse thank you for being with this. It's great to be with the late wanna die promised awaiting you think same sex marriage seats alongside other human rights reforms in Australian history. Walt Lee it's a big one you wouldn't I don't. A I why we couldn't rank them I guess but it's interesting this is occurred 50 years after the 67 referendum. And buttressed which was you know I carried under another liberal prime minister Harold Holt it was. 50 years since howled halt. started undoing the or on did the what astride a policy side. You know I am that this is being up this is not this is being at an enormous national effort you know every astride and had a site in this this is been a massive affirmation. But. It is I am so proud that this is occurred while I'm prime minister while the liberal and national parties and got ...

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