Right Speech | Ajahn Appichato

published 6 days ago by solasaurus

Ajahn Appichato responds to a question relating to the factor of the Eightfold Path called Samma-vaca - “Right Speech”.

So for this evening's entertainment and interest got a topic proposed by one of al. Faithful lay disciples and that is. Right speech. Within the borders side noble eightfold path. And as many of you away this one 's quite I down. Because quite a tricky one to to work with because you know it essentially going to be very vague shop. And on the bull to watch other and regulate your speech on a regular. basis but it is good to have the. The background knowledge to the way we. How we work with this particular. parameter because it's it's a very very it's a very flexible. It's a very like a one of a wide field and . You can work with this particular aspect of Dahmer many many different ways. And naturally many if you will things ...

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