Dealing with addictions | Ajahn Brahmavamso

published 6 days ago by solasaurus

Ajahn Brahm shares some techniques on how to deal with addictions. (Apologies for the clunky edit at the start!)

And why we do this and how we can get out of it. But we have we start off with physical addictions and so the first saying obviously I is to realize that that is a problem. And it's really crazy this paper across so much E. dar they always wanna be right they're tired admit they're fools until they cause so much problems for other people and themselves. So you don't need a doctor a psychiatrist to tell you your addicts it. Certain things it's much should be obvious to you. And first of all we take the stigma away from these things you don't need to blame yourself you not a second class person not inferior because you get addicted to these things. It just happens to some people. So one of the nice things which I have always voted not to judge people. Not to think that you are superior because you are free of all these things in these other people that just allow life's. No this is just part of our world. Then ...

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